MadiDrop+ in Cavalier Daily

This past week, the Cavalier Daily, a student-run publication out of the University of Virginia, published an article about us!

Already, "Around 30,000 MadiDrops have been distributed affecting 150,000 people around the world." 

We are excited to get the word out about the MadiDrop+ and continue our goal of improving the quality of drinking water for the people who need it the most. 

MadiDrop+ and inventor, Jim Smith, featured in UVA Today

In an article published on May 16, 2018 for UVA Today's Science & Tech section, Madidrop+ inventor Jim Smith speaks to the benefits of the new MadiDrop+ over the original MadiDrop.

A brief highlight from the article:

“Through new manufacturing techniques developed in our lab, we have effectively quadrupled the effective performance of this technology by creating a tablet that releases more of the pathogen-killing silver ions into the water, and for twice as long. It’s a big plus, and that’s why we call it MadiDrop+.” -- Jim Smith, inventor of the MadiDrop and MadiDrop+, and CEO of Silivhere Technologies Inc. 

We are very excited to introduce this new product, and continue to fulfill our mission to improve the quality of drinking water worldwide.