MadiDrop+ and inventor, Jim Smith, featured in UVA Today

In an article published on May 16, 2018 for UVA Today's Science & Tech section, Madidrop+ inventor Jim Smith speaks to the benefits of the new MadiDrop+ over the original MadiDrop.

A brief highlight from the article:

“Through new manufacturing techniques developed in our lab, we have effectively quadrupled the effective performance of this technology by creating a tablet that releases more of the pathogen-killing silver ions into the water, and for twice as long. It’s a big plus, and that’s why we call it MadiDrop+.” -- Jim Smith, inventor of the MadiDrop and MadiDrop+, and CEO of Silivhere Technologies Inc. 

We are very excited to introduce this new product, and continue to fulfill our mission to improve the quality of drinking water worldwide.