MadiDrop PBC Unveils New Approach to Disinfect Contaminated Drinking Water

MadiDrop PBC is pleased to announce the launch of its innovative new point-of-use (POU) water treatment product. Unveiled at the 2015 Water and Health Conference, the MadiDrop represents an entirely new way to treat unsafe drinking water in countries throughout the world where contaminated water sources and safe storage issues lead to billions of cases of illness and death.

Over 1.8 billion people regularly drink water that is contaminated with waterborne pathogens. The most effective way to address drinking water contamination is at the point-of-use. The MadiDrop, a small ceramic tablet embedded with silver, is one of the simplest, easy to use, cost effective POU solutions available. When placed in 10 liters of water, it releases small amounts of silver ions to disinfect waterborne pathogens. It requires no electrical power, batteries or replacement parts and does not impart an aftertaste or smell. Silver remains in the water after treatment, continuing to act as a disinfectant and lowering the risk of contamination. By replenishing the water container each evening, the MadiDrop continues to provide protection for at least six months.

The proprietary technology, developed at the University of Virginia, leverages the well-researched disinfecting properties of silver, an effective biocide for a range of waterborne pathogens. Years of laboratory and field studies in South Africa and Tanzania show that the MadiDrop is effective at reducing coliform bacteria (including Escherichia coli) by 99.9999% and MS-2 virus, Cryptosporidium parvum, and Giardia lamblia by at least 90%.

MadiDrop PBC is currently inviting NGOs and other humanitarian and government agencies to partner with the company to address the global drinking water health crisis. The company is working with these groups and agencies to create pilot projects to introduce the MadiDrop to communities throughout the world.

About MadiDrop PBC

MadiDrop PBC is a Charlottesville-based public benefit company that provides a safe, simple to use, highly-effective, low cost solution for disinfecting drinking water. As a public benefit company, MadiDrop PBC is committed to ensuring that every person has access to safe drinking water and to improving global health.