VIDEO: Improving Attendance and Education with Safe Water

In Wakiso District – Uganda, the Namulonge Primary School had 375 students, however as few as 250 would attend on a daily basis. Drinking water for the children was not treated, and the management reported pupils’ complaints of diarrhea, typhoid, stomach aches and fever.

The organizations, A Rocha Uganda and Faith in Water, implemented a classroom drinking water initiative using MadiDrops to see if providing accessible safe water in class would improve attendance and educational outcomes. After Uganda’s National Water Sewerage Corporation verified the MadiDrop purified water complied with antional standards, each classroom was provided with drinking water containers along with MadiDrops. It was a group responsibility for the students to fetch water from the borehole and fill their containers every afternoon.

Since the MadiDrop treats water on a daily basis for six months, they interviewed teachers after this time frame. The program was a success! After 6 months, they were pleased to find attendance had increased, diarrhea and typhoid cases had decreased and students were more attentive.

MadiDrop PBC thanks A Rocha Uganda and Faith in Water for sharing their feedback and content.