VIDEO: Oak Pointe Church’s Mission Trip to Zambia

In June, Oak Pointe Church from Novi, Michigan brought 1,000 MadiDrops with them on their mission trip to Zambia.

Global Missions Pastor, Brent Buttermore shared these words with us…

“These water purification devices proved to be extremely useful this year as we were able to minister to a village that was so remote that the traditional water filters that we typically use were actually too heavy to transport there, but we were able to bring 750 MadiDrops to this village and provide close to 1.5 years worth of clean water for this village. As a result 1295 people in this village will experience clean water for the first time! Truly amazing! Thank you and your team at MadiDrop for developing an amazing product that I think will truly be impactful throughout the world, and how many thousands of lives that will be improved as a result.”

MadiDrop PBC thanks Oak Pointe Church for their permission to create this video, which is an edited excerpt from “A Celebration of Missional Living” (July 16/17 2016).

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Original Video Credit: Roberta Eden