VIDEO: The Faces of MadiDrop – Safe Water for the World

Every day at MadiDrop PBC, we're inspired by the children, families and community leaders who are embracing MadiDrops as their safe water solution. We've brought many of them together in our "Faces of MadiDrop" video. Meet people from around the world who are adopting this simple approach - placing one "M-Drop" in a water container and leaving it there for six months - so that its silver ions can reduce pathogens and make the water safer to drink. Watch the video and experience the joy!

It was just over a year ago that we launched MadiDrop PBC as a public benefit company. Committed to bringing a safe water solution to communities with contaminated drinking water, our goal remains steady: to significantly reduce waterborne illnesses everywhere.

Over this past year, we've developed strong relationships with mission and service-based organizations as well as NGOs from across the globe. We're proud to say that we have 80 safe water projects underway in 36 countries. That means that, right now, nearly 34,000 people are drinking safer water and elevating health in their communities.

Be part of this global safe water mission. Sponsor a drinking water project or buy M-Drops for a community you serve.