VIDEO: Where in the World is MadiDrop?

In the State of Tamil Nadu in Southern India, many families receive their drinking water once per week through a municipal pipe system. Stored in concrete catchments within their homes, the water is often high in microbial pathogens and turbidity. In some communities, ground-water pollution from the local fireworks industry contributes to the contaminated water dilemma.

Water purifiers are not affordable for many households in the region. Some families purchase purified drinking water from private suppliers. Sometimes the purchased water takes on a rancid smell after several days. Storage, recontamination and ill-health are on-going issues.

One community member documented his use of the MadiDrop. After gathering the water from the catchment in several buckets, he filtered the water with either a ceramic filter or a nylon macro pore filter. He then added the filtered water to a bucket containing a MadiDrop. After only one week, he experienced an improvement in his health that he linked directly to the MadiDrop.

“I am very much impressed with the MadiDrop,” he explained. “After using it, I believe it is the best and the most important product for India and around the world. I am satisfied with microbial reduction as I am consuming the water and no longer getting sick.”

Watch the video to see how this community member added the MadiDrop to his daily water treatment routine, making his drinking water safer.