Water Treatment Solutions That Fit the Need

With all of the water treatment technologies available to address the global drinking water dilemma, how does a community choose the best approach to address their specific needs? What are the circumstances that dictate whether a technology will or won’t work in that community?

In Learn the Basics, the Centre for Water and Sanitation Technologies (CAWST) provides guidelines for selecting appropriate technologies for underserved communities based on, “the quality of the source water, changeability of the source water, treatment volume, user preferences and cultural appropriateness, existing treatment options, local production vs. importation and cost.” Further, it suggests that, “all approaches need to address how to supply the products and services, create sustained demand and consistent use, and monitor for improvement. Underlying all three of these facets is considering how to build human capacity, and how to finance the program.” Ultimately, these efforts are focused on improving the quality of drinking water and the health of communities.

CAWST’s Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage (HWTS) Knowledge Base is a source of information about many point-of-use water treatment technologies and implementation strategies. TheMadiDrop is one of the technologies featured in the HWTS Knowledge Base. For communities that have access to a water source but need daily disinfection and safe storage protection, MadiDrops are a simple, low-cost, all-natural, highly-effective solution. Just one MadiDrop in a storage container will continue to provide daily drinking water disinfection for over six months. A MadiDrop in a container used for water storage will provide on-going protection from recontamination for prolonged periods, up to several weeks. No other solution is as easy to use, safe or as socially acceptable as the MadiDrop. It is also the only true point-of-use safe water storage solution on the market.

To learn how to purchase and deploy the MadiDrop safe water solution in communities you serve, contact Jay Seals, Sales and Marketing, at MadiDrop PBC.