How to Use the MadiDrop+

Simple Instructions-01.png

Designate a covered drinking water container with a spigot to limit contamination from hands and other external sources. Use the MadiDrop+ in a 10-20 liter water storage container and leave it there. Water added daily is continuously treated.


Best Practice Recommendations:

  • Moderate turbidity does not affect the performance of the MadiDrop+, but may affect taste. Remove dirt and turbidity using any filtration technique, including pouring water through a piece of folded laundered fabric.  
  • Leaving some unconsumed water in the container will help disinfect the replacement water.  However, it is recommended to fully drain the water storage container at least once per week.
  • Clean the drinking water container as needed to remove accumulated sediment. Remove and rinse the MadiDrop and rinse the container.

Under circumstances where total bacterial levels are ‘High’ or ‘Too Numerous to Count’, the MadiDrop+ may require more time (24 - 48 hours in some cases) for total disinfection. 

Important Observations:

  • The MadiDrop+ does not remove turbidity, inorganic/organic material, arsenic, fluoride, nitrates, lead, sodium/saltwater, or other compounds and pollutants commonly found in water.
  • Chlorinated drinking water will not damage the MadiDrop+ or affect disinfection capabilities, but discoloration may occur.
  • The MadiDrop+ does not dissolve in water. The ceramic is engineered to withstand an aqueous environment.