Safe water for all.


At Silivhere Technologies, Inc., everything we do starts with the belief that safe drinking water is imperative to human health. For millions of people who don’t have safe water, we have developed a simple water treatment technology to positively impact human health and quality of life.

Our mission at Silivhere Technologies, Inc. is to design, develop, and manufacture affordable drinking water treatment technologies to improve global health. Our company is structured to ensure that we are making it possible for everyone to have safe drinking water.



Silver filter technology


The roots of the MadiDrop+ began in 2007 at the University of Virginia. Dr. James Smith was studying the performance of silver-embedded ceramic water filters in both laboratory and field settings. Extending his work in Limpopo Province, South Africa, Dr. Smith conducted a human-health study of 100 HIV-positive individuals and established a ceramic filter factory operated by a group of local women potters in the Venda region of Limpopo Province.

This work led to the establishment of PureMadi, a non-profit foundation associated with the University of Virginia Alumni Association. Today, PureMadi continues its student-based economic development efforts through the creation of ceramic water filter factories.


In 2009, having demonstrated the performance capabilities of ceramic and silver ions, Dr. Smith and his research team focused their efforts on a new and innovative point-of-use water treatment product. After three years of intensive research and development, tens of thousands of water analyses, and experiments spanning several years in rural South African and Tanzanian households, they developed the MadiDrop tablet.


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In 2018, Dr. Smith formed the start-up Silivhere Technologies, Inc. in Charlottesville, deriving its name from the Tshivenda word for "silver". 

Today, Silivhere Technologies, Inc. is working to provide safe drinking water technologies to communities throughout the world. Used by humanitarian, relief, commercial, and mission-based organizations in over 40 countries on almost every continent, Silivhere Technologies Inc.'s MadiDrop+ provides a simple water treatment approach to reduce waterborne illnesses.